Scene 1: General Ne Win hands Aung San Suu Kyi over to his military commander

What is taking place in the opening of this scene? What are General Ne Win’s concerns?

The scene opens on a newspaper with a photo of Aung San Suu Kyi with the headline ‘Burmese tipped for peace prize’. He is concerned that she will get international and Burmese support, which could mean revolution or uprisings in his country. With the student uprisings having already occurred, he doesn’t want any more unrest. He’s primarily concerned that he will lose his power if the people choose her. He consults other members of his military to come up with a solution.

How does General Ne Win’s military commander react to his superior’s concerns?

His solution is to cut her off from the world so that she cannot influence anybody and loses her power over his people – to make sure she is forgotten both in Burma and abroad. He is keen to solve this problem and gain more power and authority under the General and to improve his standing.

What do you see? (Visual Techniques)

Close up shot of newspaper from the General’s POV. This shows what the General’s focus and main concern is in the scene, and it also shows his dysfunctional and paranoid nature. The newspaper is folded down to reveal two men sitting in front of General Ne Win, the very two men he is consulting to solve his problem. The use of the cards is an eerie throwback to the tarot card reader, and the randomness of turning over the exact number that the commander chooses is further used to show how dysfunctional a leader Ne Win is. A large number of military flags in the room emphasises the ‘Military First’ regime.

What do you hear? (Verbal Techniques)

Various eerie non-diegetic sounds to heighten suspense, and add another level to the throwback to the tarot card reader (similar sounds were heard in her scenes).

Scene 2: Cutting Aung San Suu Kyi off from the world

What is happening in this scene?

Soldiers have been sent to cut Aung San Suu Kyi off from the world.

Describe the action/activity that is taking place.


What is Aung San Suu Kyi’s reaction to the military control?


What do you see? (Visual Techniques)


What do you hear? (Verbal Techniques)



Consider how any of the details you have listed in both scenes, reflect Luc Besson’s auteur style. List the connections.

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